Do you want your lawn to grow well and appear its best all seasons? Lawn Fertilizer Schedule is a must consider under every circumstance. While devising a lawn care plan, you need to keep in mind the kinds of grasses and plants that grow and think about the care or maintenance needed. Lawn care companies and suppliers recommend that one should fertilize the lawn five times in a year but only three times is necessary. A lot many things have to be done if you want the park area to be lush green and fertilizing is just the part of it. Everyone craves to have an area of greenery with an appealing border composed of apt shrubbery, the splash of vibrant and colorful flower beds all through the property and everything perfectly mulched without even a single weed growing. This dream can only be accomplished with proper lawn care schedule. Grass needs occasional feedings, and the finest way to meet its need is fertilizing lawns with organic fertilizers and slow-release products.

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lawn-fertilizer-scheduleGreen Lawn Fertilizing Schedule

A complete fertilization program is a must for the success of any lawn. Specific recommendations are there when it comes to lawn fertilization routine. Most of the lawn grasses can accept commercial grade fertilizers. But centipede grass must not be fed fertilizer with high phosphorus content. When you buy the grass supply, read the label carefully to find out the content of the fertilizer. A professional must be asked to test the soil and recommend proper fertilizer such as vigoro weed and feed . Through this, you will get to know how much of nitrogen content is needed for your lawn area. The calculation is pretty simple. If you are looking for a fertilizer with the substance of 10-10-10, then the first part is nitrogen. You just have to divide 100 by the first element of the content to get the figure for pounds of fertilizer needed. This will be for 1000 square feet of land. Per year, you will have to use that much of nitrogen in the content. Similarly, if your lawn needs 20 pounds, you will need to apply 20 pounds of fertilizer by using the same calculation technique of 10-10-10. If the first element is 10, the nitrogen content will be 1 lb.

Best Garden Fertilizer For Lawns

Finding garden supplies at the local store is easier. Your choice of the store matters a lot. Buying slow release fertilizer would be great. They will release nutrients slowly and so feeding your grass with the same fertilizer will allow it to eat slowly and grow in a healthy manner. Since the nutrients get released, the root system of the lawn fills up the bare patches to completely deprive the weeds of nutrients.

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Best Lawn Fertilizer Schedule For Spring

Landscape owners can top dress the lawn with organic fertilizers in the spring season. In fact, the lawn care schedule varies from place to place and the kind of climatic condition experienced. Remember one thing that fertilizing your lawn moves together with weed control. Scotts starter fertilizer can be scattered in the month of June. The fertilizer will cater the need for weed control which is required additionally. It acts as the herbicide component to combat elements like white cover, purslane, etc. To summer proof and strengthen your grass, you can still use Scotts Super Turf Builder. It fights harsh seasonal threats like heat, drought, and insects. You can also grow tall fescue grass to combat drought. Winterizing fertilizer by Scott is again worth considering. Such fertilizer will prepare your grass for the biting cold of a winter season. It will also reveal green turf that you would love to notice in the spring season.

How To Fertilize Lawns

Before you use any fertilizer, you should follow the tips below:

• Read the fertilizer bag carefully to find the content

• Take the recommendation from a professional to find a suitable fertilizer for your lawn grass.

• Follow the fertilizing directions very carefully and do accordingly.

• You need to know the exact quantity of fertilizers to be used and the technique of using

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A Lawn Fertilizer Schedule is a must follow if you want a flourishing lawn featuring velvety green grass. Use proper fertilizer equipment. Fertilizer spreader is a must to consider.